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Sex Chakra

Swadhishthan Chakra/ Kaam Chakra

Sex Chakra

It controls the urinary bladder and reproductive system in the body. It causes the Water element in the body.

Swadhishthan or Sex Chakra resides near the genital organ. It is orange in color. This is a cause of water element. Fluidity is a subtle characteristic of this, and it is the root cause of interest. Reproductive system functions due to this chakra.

Spandan Mantra (Pulsation) of water element at this place of chakra is Om Vam (ॐ वं). This sound purifies the water element.

Semen, blood, saliva, urine and sweating in our body are subject to water element.

Person’s self-esteem resides here. This chakra rules over root chakra. The task of reproduction comes under the rule of Swadhishthan or Sex Chakra.

Swadhishthan or Sex Chakra is the stimulus center of sensual sentiments. It is also an important chakra for mental development. The person whose Swadhishthan Chakra is capable is friendly, loving and creative.

Whenever there is defect in the functioning of Swadhishthan Chakra, then

Sexual dysfunction, impotence, prostate growth, genetic disorder, bladder disorder, chronic kidney disease, kidney stone, menstrual cycle problems, PCOD, pregnancy and delivery obstacles, etc. physical disorders can occur.

Also, mental disorders such as mental retardation, lack of control over sex, sceptical and suspicious- distrustful nature can arise.

By Swayampurna treatment the defects of Swadhishthan or Sex Chakra can be cured and it is strengthened and balanced, so that all the above illnesses can be eradicated.