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Sarve Santu Niraamayah ll

Niraamay means complete health. As per W.H.O. health means physical, psychological and social wellbeing. That’s why discovers Swayampurna treatment to provide the complete physical, mental and intellectual life to everyone.

Swayampurna Treatment

Swayampurna means the process which carries every Self to Completeness — Completeness does not just mean freedom from disease but it also means experiencing unbound joy. This is possible only when both the body and the mind are strong and healthy. Human existence is in three levels: body, energy & mind. Energy is a link of body & mind.

Without Medicine – Without Touch

Swayampurna treatment is evolved from naturopathy and yogashastra. Swayampurna treatment balances patients energy body by using universal energy. This is no medicine, no touch therapy. By this treatment impurities in 7 chakras and 5 tatvas are cured from patients astral body.

Where there are problems,

Where there are dilemmas,

Where there is fear,

Where there are concerns,

There are solutions too !

There are ways out too!

There is Courage too!

There is Faith too !

The Nature Gives Us Everything in Abundance

We just have to put our trust in Nature and

We have to respond with all our heart

to Niraamay for a healthy and happy life !